Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Kit in store!

I have a brand new kit up in store.

It is called Blaqua - for obvious reasons, LOL.
It is a Taggers sized kit.

There are 20 papers, all in Black and Aqua, and 32 elementsthing is shown on the preview ..... You know by now how much I hate making previews, LOL, and this one was no exception!

Anyway, if you like it, you can head on over to Digital Chaos and grab it there now!
Stay tuned for a FREE add-on for this kit later this week!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Freebie Kit!

Well, as I promised, Ive finished the small freebie kit, I was putting together :0)

Its in Taggers sized - Scrappers, I will get you some stuff up later this week :0)

There are a dozen papers and 2 frames, as well as loads of elements - not everything is shown on the preview --- I HATE making previews LOL, they never look good!

Anyhow, - click on the preview to download the kit, called Golden Rose :0)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Updating the blog ...... At Last! LOL

OK, so I am spectauraly appalling at keeping the blog updated, and for that I do appologise, I am trying my hardest - Honest! LOL

For today, Ive got you 3 new taggers sized templates ....

Number 5 HERE , Number 6 HERE and number 7 is HERE. Have fun with them, and please, leave a note on my downloads, or use the Chat box here on the forum :0)

I released a new taggers kit over at digital Chaos this week, called Plum Autumn ..... you can purchase it HERE

I am also working on a freebie kit for you all too, hoping to get that posted by mid week :0)

Sheldon has been working hard making tutorials from my kits too, have a look at whats shes done HERE and HERE. Thanks Sheldon!

OK, back to work I go!

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Wow I got a gold Star! LOL
Thanks Foxy for awarding me the star :0)

Here are the rules for this award.If you receive this award, you must pass it on to 3 other blogs.If you have already received this award, you don't need to pass it on.You must post on the chosen winners blogs to let them know about the award.

I will be passing this on to
AngelFlower :
Krissy -
and last but no means least - Yarrow :

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


My CT have been really busy creating tutorials using my kits.
Check out Auriens use of Muted Whispers
Angel Made Loads of tutorials using several kits, check out her sites HERE and HERE
( I have just editted these links, as Angel pointed out I had both set tio the same site! dohhhhh )

Thanks for all your hardwork ladies you have made some awesome tags! TY


Scrapper Brag#2
Scrapper Brag #3
Tagger Template #3
Tagger Template #4

I feel so bad that I have not been keeping my blog up to date lately, Just have so much Real Life stuff happening, I feel like one of those crazy terriers that chase thier own tails round and round in cricles! LOL

Anyway, I grabbed an hour this morning ( not sure where from - no doubt later I will discover I was supposed to be someplace or doing something specific that i forgot! ), so I grabbed an hour, and used the chance to throw together a few Bits :0)

TAGGERS : 2 templates for you #3 HERE and #4 HERE they are done at 72 dpi just for taggers ;-)

SCRAPPERS 2 new 4 x 6 Brag Pages Silver HERE Pink HERE

I hope to make up some new elements for you all soon, I am still working on something, I had this idea a few weeks back, and i keep tweaking it everytime I get 5 minutes! LOL.
Anyway, I hope you can use some of the stuff I've made!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Struggling to Keep Up!

I am sorry I have kind of let my blog slide recently.
I got that nasty summer cold, right towards the end of the UK school summer vacation, then I was busy concentrating getting everything ready getting my children back to school.
I am still not feeling 100% myself, and I have some RL issues going on at the moment, not to mention I got a small part time job, just a few hours a week, but its messed with my routine, and I need to kinda get back into sync!

So, no promises as to when your next freebie will arrive here, but I DO have a new kit and ideas in mind, just as soon as I find time to add them in!

Thanks for your patience!

New tutorial!

My CT member, AngelFlower has used my Muted Whispers kit to create a really pretty tutorial :0)

Monday, 8 September 2008

I am Back!

Morning everyone!
So sorry i abandoned you all, my summer cold got the better of me and I had to cave in and sleep it away.
Nasty Nasty thing!
Anyhow, I am feeling much better today, thankfully, and I have a stack of household, and internet chores I MUST catch up on! How boring!
I am not making any promises ..... but if I get a chance to come back this afternoon with some freebies for you all, I will do so, If not, be sure to check back later this week!
I feel rejouvenanted after my enforced rest ... and raring to go in designing terms!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Wow - Its September!

Has August not just flown past in a flurry of rain , and buying new school wear! LOL

Here in the UK, children start returning to school this week, something I am looking forward to! some much needed quiet during the daytime!
Once I get that, I should be able to much more creative, as I will have more time and concentration!
The next few days will be fairly busy for me, getting the last of the school things ready and what not, but after Wednesday I will be back with full force!

Ive been feeling off colour for a week or so now, lots of tension headaches and now I have a scratchy throat, so I think I may be coming down with a summer cold, Oh Joy of Joys!

I will do my best to get back here later with a freebie or 2 for you later.

Have a wonderful Holiday to all the * Stateside * folks!

Friday, 29 August 2008

An Award!

Wow Krissy of Giggly Girl Scraps gave me an award!

Krissy - TY sweetie :0)

Now apparently, the rules are, that I have to now award this to 7 more bloggers :-0

So, in no particular order ....
Yarrow of Fallen Angel

Jo of CBJ

Bluey of Blue Dreams

Fi of Fi's Fault

Foxy of Imperfoxtion
Kayleks of Kayleks Designs

Patty of Honored Scraps

Ive been MIA for a few days, have not been feeling on top form, quite a lot of RL crap happening :-( - But that means that the award has come at a great time and cheered me up! Thanks Krissy hun :0)
So I am sorry the blog hasnt been updated, and you havent had new freebies, my kids return to school next week, and I will be able to get back to things properly, but i will try and get you some more stuff up before then :0)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday ....

Sorry I didnt get back yesterday with any freebies or anything .....
I got caught up doing housework and stuff and my heads been aching, so I decided to give it a miss yesterday.
Am feeling a little off colour again today, but am hoping to get into PSP shortly and have a ply :0)

Well we are half way thru the week .... so the count down to the weekend begins! YAY

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Good Morning

Its dry! All week I have woken to rain, rain and more rain, but today the garden is dry!
Everyone here is still soundly snoring, so I am enjoying the peace and quiet!
Ive got an idea for a new element that came to me late last night, so I am gonna spend some time today seeing if I can actually make what I envisage!

And, of course, I may well have another freebie up my sleeve ...... :0)
Check back later to see!

Monday, 25 August 2008


As promised ......

I am still working on some other full sized scrappers bits, but for now, I hope you can all make use of this 6 x 4 inch Brag page plopper!

Taggers please note - you can resize this brag page down to 600 x 400 without it loosing clarity if you choose to use it :0)

Grab the Page by clicking the preview!

Collab Charity Kit!

Been Meaning to post about this since I set the blog up!

I am one of the many designers at Digital Chaos who contributed to this incredible kit!
ALL sale proceeds are going to the charity!
Alzheimer's is fast becoming a real problem to the elderly, and 'near - elderly' people in this world. There is nothing harder than to have to watch someone you know and love become afflicted with this dreadful memory-robber of a disease. It has already touched my own life because my own Mother has it. She is 91 years old now, and sometimes she remembers things clearly, other times she forgets from one half hour to the next. It's even sadder when sometimes I am visiting her and I get the feeling that she really doesn't know just exactly who I am. It's so very sad, and something I wish we could find a cure for, and soon! For that reason, we have all come together to bring this wonderful collaboration to you, and all the proceeds are going to the Alzheimer's foundation, to further the research that is needed. We can't do it by ourselves, but by coming together, we can all make a difference!~Crystal~All sales from this kit are going to The Alzheimers Society registered Charity No. 296645.For more information, go here: (US) (UK)This kit is HUGE!!! it contains a total of 480 items!!! in both full and tagger size.Full Size:76 papers15 frames147 elements2 alphaTagger Size:81 papers26 frames133 elements
Available to Purchase from Digital Chaos --- Go ahead - get yourself an incredible kit, with awesome amounts of stuff and support a worthwhile cause at the same time! :0)

Freebie time again!

Yep again! LOL
I cant always promise to deliver, but I am hoping to give you freebie items about every other day where I can ..... Real Life permitting!
Burnt Orange is actually the first kit I ever made!
Again, this is a Taggers sixed kit - Scrappers - I am working on some stuff for you in the next few days :0)
You can get Burnt Orange by clicking the preview .....

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Also today I recieved a tag made using my 2nd template - it rocks!

Thanks Kells :0)

a Tutorial using my kit!

Well, I have my first creative team member .......... Angel Flower ..... and today she tagged my Dalia's Arrival Kit!
Awesome job on the tag and kit AngelFlower TY so Much!

You can find the tutorial here :

and now ..... AngelFlower has written a second tutorial using the kit,
and parts of the add - on freebie!
What a terrific job she has done! Thanks Angel!

Free Mini Kit!!!

My newest Kit Dalia's Arrival, is in store at Digital Chaos and looks like this

I have made you guys a little freebie Add - On / Mini kit to match it

You can get it HERE
Hope you like it :0)

Wet & Miserable day!

Its been pouring with rain virtually non stop over night, it has stopped now, but looking at the skies, it will only be a very brief reprieve!

I am kinda debating on what to do with myself today.
I have made a new template for you, so I will load that up shortly, then maybe I will get my older freebie kits in ....

After that I am thinking maybe a Free Add - On for my latest kit Dalia's Arrival ( which is already in store at Digital Chaos )

So many Ideas .... so Little time LOL ......... I will see how the day goes!

OK so Template #2 ... Grab it HERE

Saturday, 23 August 2008

New Blinkie!

Big Big Thanks ans hugs to Jo of CBJ Scraps for my new blinkie!
You did an awesome job on it hun - I am thrilled with it :0)
You can see my Blinkie over there ----->

CT Call!

I have not got my Kit previews and details up here yet - I am planning on doing those once I get home from shopping.

In the meantime, take a look at my slideshow, or visit Digital Chaos where I sell my Taggers Kits.

If you are interested in being on my Creative Team - Mail me with your details :0)

And Lastly for now Overlay

I made this one a few days back, but as yet, havent included it in any collection or kit.

Overlay preview is smaller than the * real deal * which is erm, 800 x 800.
Just place over the top of your canvas, and change the blend mode to Overlay then Merge for a pretty multi-toned paper :0)

Get it from HERE and leave me a note if you like :0)

Chrome Flower .....

Next you have my very first Chrome effect flower.
This is saved in layers, so you can colorise each to your liking :0)

You can grab the flower HERE - Comments and feedback are always appreciated ;0)

OK - Knocked up a couple of Freebies for you ......

Well, I have decided to go out this morning - shopping! YAY

Pay day yesterday ----- going to make the most of it!
Anyhow, as I am going out, i decided to have a very quick play first .....

And I have come up with a couple of bits for you.

Firstly a Template - preview is small - the actual template is for a 650 x 550 canvas ......
Grab the template HERE - feedback and comments always Appreciated :0)

Its the Weekend!

Oh Yes! The weekend is on us!
Shame that the weather is still so lousey --- but hey, good excuse to stay inside and PSP!
I plan on spending time today loading up some freebies for you all, and, if at all possible, to make a few new bits for you all to come and grab!

Not sure how successful I will be, as I do have a drove of * Real Life* ( sorry for the bad language! hehehe ) things that I have to get done today too .........

Stay Tuned Folks!

Friday, 22 August 2008


Well, I only managed to figure out the very most basic things yesterday - Like how to post ROFL.
So this morning, I have roped my girlfriend GigglyGirl into helping me - as her blog is always so dagnabit gorgeous!
Thanks sweetie!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hello and Welcome!

well Hi! LOL

My name is Shhh......... and I am a Scrapaholic! LMAO
Seriously, welcome to my new blogspot ........ and it is very new - like, erm, 2 or 3 minutes old LMAO.
Its my very first blogspot and I have no idea what I am doing, so you are all just gonna have to bare with me while I learn the ropes!

Soon as I get things figured out I will be adding my freebies, and previews of my * pay to use * kits and banners of my chums and everything else that a good blogger should have!

OK, I gotta work out some stuff here!
Catch you all again soon

Shhh :0) xox