Friday, 29 August 2008

An Award!

Wow Krissy of Giggly Girl Scraps gave me an award!

Krissy - TY sweetie :0)

Now apparently, the rules are, that I have to now award this to 7 more bloggers :-0

So, in no particular order ....
Yarrow of Fallen Angel

Jo of CBJ

Bluey of Blue Dreams

Fi of Fi's Fault

Foxy of Imperfoxtion
Kayleks of Kayleks Designs

Patty of Honored Scraps

Ive been MIA for a few days, have not been feeling on top form, quite a lot of RL crap happening :-( - But that means that the award has come at a great time and cheered me up! Thanks Krissy hun :0)
So I am sorry the blog hasnt been updated, and you havent had new freebies, my kids return to school next week, and I will be able to get back to things properly, but i will try and get you some more stuff up before then :0)

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