Monday, 1 September 2008

Wow - Its September!

Has August not just flown past in a flurry of rain , and buying new school wear! LOL

Here in the UK, children start returning to school this week, something I am looking forward to! some much needed quiet during the daytime!
Once I get that, I should be able to much more creative, as I will have more time and concentration!
The next few days will be fairly busy for me, getting the last of the school things ready and what not, but after Wednesday I will be back with full force!

Ive been feeling off colour for a week or so now, lots of tension headaches and now I have a scratchy throat, so I think I may be coming down with a summer cold, Oh Joy of Joys!

I will do my best to get back here later with a freebie or 2 for you later.

Have a wonderful Holiday to all the * Stateside * folks!

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kaylek said...

lol, i cant wait for school to start and i dont have kids LMAO